Social Projects

Sukuma links music and social outreach, working in conjunction with the National Campaign against AIDS, the National Election Commission, UNICEF, and other aid organisations to increase awareness about issues of health, domestic violence and human rights. In 2004, he co-founded Sem Crítica, a movement dedicated to empowering the youth by encouraging the use of their artistic skills and talents.

His persistence in the struggle for social responsibility, led him to start an individual campaign in several secondary schools in Maputo and Inhambane with its own project inspired by the words of US activist Martin Luther King "I have a dream" as a way to fight HIV / AIDS and other illnesses that victimise societies not only in Mozambique as in other parts of the world.

The project consists in using the dream as a purpose of effective struggle, in which the proposer has the unique obligation to overcome all obstacles as in a game.

The project was effective but without institutional support was unsustainable.

Stewart Sukuma believes that the fight against HIV / AIDS, malaria, violence, malnutrition, necessarily requires a good education of the children and also by training the illiterate adult population to generate their own income.

"A malnourished and poor child will never have a positive outcome in the school."

Mozambique is a rich country in natural resources and for this reason the population should be instructed to take benefits of this wealth in the pursuit for a better life that would greatly affect poverty and consequently would enable greater integration of the population in the fight against diseases and undermine economic growth.

Stewart Sukuma believes that through culture and tourism, the largest existing resources in the country, we can overcome the poverty line where we are today.

Stewart Sukuma supports the Casa do Gaiato through Academia do Bacalhau sponsoring one student permanently and also sponsors two scholarships to two children of 12 and 14 years.

Stewart Sukuma already joined internationally renowned actors in a campaign designed by him, 30 seconds to save a life, which was to say in 30 seconds thoughts and acts that could change the lives of people affected by HIV / AIDS. Artists like Jamie Fox, Jon Voight, Jeffrey Wright, Mikelty Williamson, Charles Shufford lent their services in support of this campaign which was broadcast on television in Mozambique for a year through the National Council for HIV/AIDS.

In 1995 Stewart Sukuma was the first Mozambican musician to become an activist in the fight against HIV / AIDS joining national level artists from all sections and with some success in favour of a campaign to combat this disease of the century.

At the democracy, Stewart Sukuma always had an important role in popular mobilisation for greater responsibility in authenticating democracy alert by vote. "Your vote makes Mozambique happy" is a song widely circulated and sung by various national interpreters who assisted in the struggle for democracy. Singing and mobilising the entire country, he was known as the mascot of national democracy.

Stewart Sukuma was appointed the first National Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF Mozambique on 14 December 2012, due to his commitment to the cause of children. In 2013, on behalf of UNICEF, he visited evacuees at Chiaquelane in Chókwè District, in temporary accommodation due to flooding of the Limpopo River.[4] As a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador he coordinated a musical project called Facts For Life where he produced a 16 song CD with other 50 Mozambican musicians and among them the well known Zimbabwean music star and UNICEF ambassador Oliver Mtukudzi.